All club events have been cancelled until 13th June 2020. The club is currently unable to accept visitors (Non members) at this time.
The club committee will review and update these decisions every 14 days and updates posted here, and in the blog section.

All dates for events and visitor entry are subject to change.

Welcome to Springwood Sun Club, naturist club suitable for families

We are a family friendly naturist club, set in the beautiful Essex countryside.
Naturism is having something of a boost! Due to time being spent working from home, and the recent nice weather, many people have decided to not get dressed, why bother? They have also made the discovery that being naked feels right, feels nice and feels free. If this sounds like you, or you feel naturism is for you then we’d love to meet you.

Visit for the day, a weekend or maybe longer, we can accommodate camping requests for tents, caravans and motor home, subject to size restrictions. Go to the visiting our club section of the website.

What we offer naturists

About our club

Established 1958

We are a family friendly members club, owned and run by the members for the members.

Our club constitution states, 

The object of the Club is to provide social and recreational facilities to those members of the public who desire to join in the naturist way of life, i.e., in the natural unclothed state in an accepted environment.

So the question is, would you like to spend a majority of your time naked?  If so this could be the club for you.  

Now don’t get us wrong, nudity is not enforced at all times, if it’s cold, windy or raining, then there aren’t many naked people to be seen in the grounds, but you can still be naked in the indoor areas of the club if you wish, outdoors too if you’re brave and hardy enough! Table tennis, darts, pool or sitting in the club house with its wood burning fire, are all enjoyed regularly without the need for clothing.

As you will see from the gallery pictures, there are a fair amount of themed social events. So despite spending most of our time out of clothing, we also enjoy the opportunity to dress up to suit the occasion.  Its not unusual to start losing the clothing once you get warm from the dancing though.

New and improved for this season, 8-10 person sauna installed. WiFi available in the clubhouse/pavilion area free for visitors to use, subject to fair usage. Upgraded audio/DJ system.

Our club is a member of BN (British Naturism).


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No wears better!

Springwood Sun Club

Colchester, Essex, England, CO6 3EY, United Kingdom

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