Club membership


Springwood is a members club, wholly owned and run by members for members. So it stands to reason that we are keen to sign up new members to ensure the club is still here for years to come.

Initially all enquiries for visits, camping and membership are made to the membership secretary. They will be happy to assist in arrangements for your first visit to our club. They can also advise you on the steps required to become a member.

Typically we would expect a minimum of 3 visits where you will be expected to demonstrate your willingness to embrace naturism, principally by spending your time during your visit undressed. 

First visits? Remember to bring a towel to sit on. maybe chairs or loungers, and don’t forget any food and drink you might want during your visit. Polite reminder, what you bring with you, you take away with you, your rubbish is not a welcome guest.

Don’t be surprised or nervous when the existing members come and talk to you, we’re a friendly bunch, honest! We love swapping holiday experiences and travel tips, other places to go and see. You’ll be asked if you fancy a game of Miniten or pétanque, make sure that you know where everything is, and if it’s the weekend reminded by a fair few of us that there is tea and cake at 3pm.

We have 5 maintenance days in the off season period, any skills you can bring to help, we can probably put to good use. These are not compulsory, however many hands make for light work, and it’s good to spread the workload around.  There are plenty of opportunities for the restless to do little jobs during the main season too.

What does it cost?

If you have made the amount of visits required, and you’ve asked the membership secretary if you can have an application form to join the club, and crucially, you are comfortable with being naked amongst like minded people, then this is what it costs to join.

Initial application fee £40 couple.

Initial application fee £25 single.

Your application is then discussed at the next committee meeting, and the decision will be made whether to accept you as a provisional member or not. Provisional membership lasts 1 year minimum. If accepted 50% of your initial application fee is deducted from your first years membership fee. 

Yearly membership fee £120 per adult.

Yearly membership fee 18-21 years old £60 per young adult.

Associate members. 

This allows you 10 day visits during the April-October season. There are some concessions for evening social events, and out of season day visits, please ask the membership secretary for details.

Associate member yearly fee £60.